Rotomolding molds

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Our molds are made exclusively from aluminum sheet three (3) or four (4) mm thick.
Having the necessary experience, we can proceed to the manufacture of rotary casting molds for the production of various types and dimensions, such as tanks, agricultural products, furniture, bins, pots, wells, etc., and send them to any country abroad (our recent example our cooperation with the United Kingdom and Germany).

First, we receive a design, photo or object from the customer and then we discuss and suggest possible improvements, thus ending up with the final design that combines quality, functionality and low cost. There is of course the possibility of designing the final product in 3D, if desired.
This is followed by the construction, welding and polishing of the mold. The inner surface can be either smooth, sandblasted or pelleted.

In the final stage, the metal frame, the shutters and the guides of the mold are placed. Where necessary, various inserts, embossing and branding, insulation and anything that can make the product more functional and useful are added.
Our molds can be tested before delivery, if the customer so wishes. Delivered finished, ready to use.

We offer high quality at low cost.

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